Virtual Server Management

You may have already seen we offer an addon to all of our Virtual Server packages for managment. In essense our full management service will take the load off you from dealing with the technicalities of managing your virtual server. This will leave time to do what you really need to do!

Included in our management service are the following:
  • Installation and setup of your virtual server with supported Linux-based control panel software (such as cPanel, DirectAdmin, Webmin).
  • Best effort 3rd part software support.
  • Migration from a previous infrastructure (if applicable).
  • Initial and continued security and tightening of virtual server.
  • Full hardware, software and uptime monitoring.
  • Free backups.

Bespoke managment solutions are also available for sites which require special infrastruture and high availablility clusters or DDoS protection, please contact sales for more details and a tailor made offer!
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